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    Here we go again. The first words I've written in a long, long time...Well, on a blog that is. It's a long time coming my friends!

    Some of you may know me from my old blog, 'Just Johnny'. There I went off into some of the stuff in my life. Past and present. In short, it helped me cope with a lot of things I was dealing with...in a humorous way of course.

    Then came a point where I felt comfortable enough with myself where I didn't feel the need to share my thoughts, experiences and little blunders anymore.

    Well, since you know I'm such a 'giving' person, i want to share something else, movie reviews. Yes, i know. I'm not a professional writer or critic for that matter, but i do love cinema. Also, I have an opinion to give.

    Just as i went deep into my life, I'm going to go deep into these movies. Yes, even the bad films! I'm going to take a few for the team; just so YOU won't have to.

    Join me as we scrutinize everything cinema! Welcome! Reviews will be up soon!

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    1. Very happy to see you're writing again!! :) ;) :D

      1. Still a little rusty but hoping to get better at it as time goes by. Thanks for the constant support and for stopping by! ;-)


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